ghost town arrival

by Cool Timmy

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released March 18, 2013




Cool Timmy Riggins, Idaho

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Track Name: $100
woman, wont you take $100?
i wanna tape you to the floor
and ill bring over all my friends
and worship satan in your house
Track Name: black tar blues
i feel like a baby im spread so thin
oh my lawd oh mother
let me back in
black tar blues
Track Name: dont believe in you
i can tell by the look in your bloodshot eyes
youre a bone im a dog buy me drinks show me love
im running out of $ and im running out of lines
light another cigarette and try to help me forget that
i dont believe in you
i try to get together but i dont belong
i try to play with others but i dont belong
meet me in the graveyard and ill show you how to wail
bring the marijuana and ill bring the natty light
tell me about your tattoos and the time you spent in jail
kiss me in an empty grave and try to help me forget that
i dont believe in you
Track Name: lipstick
girls just gimme gimme the 1-2-3
honey, dont get hooked learn to get it leave it and
wear your LIPSTICK way to red just for me
Track Name: sister bloodbath
sister paint your lips with my blood
bat your eyes at me so cute you know i cant stand it
tie your hair in ribbons and curls
kissy kiss for the mirror when you know im standing here
mom and dad will never know that we love eachother so
it might be unnatural but i dont care about girls at school
i wanna run away with your heart
we can bleed eachother out, lover
spit and curse and fall for eachother
i love you sister, theres no other
sister bloodbath cut me open
let my eyes fall on your shoulders
drink my blood and be forever say that we will never part
if you ever love another it would surely break my heart
Track Name: so mean!
woman, youre so mean
i swear
Track Name: tyler koykas' new years rager
tyler went and had 2 beers and james went back to school
ive been on this spinning rock for 27 years
and if i die this year ill say hi to jimi, janni, kurt and someone else
theres a few others i know
but i dont know
and if i dont then you will know that i did