Slow Club B​-​sides

by Cool Timmy

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released January 12, 2016




Cool Timmy Riggins, Idaho

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Track Name: Criminal
you think im a criminal well youve got me nailed
im like a dead sea wave im like the basement stairs
make a promise to the shadows that the sun wont shine
draw the curtains, lock the doors and never go outside
you think im a wino well youve hit it true
i drink the blood of christ and put a spell on you
forever loveless
heartless, hellbound modern witch
strap me to the lightning and hit that switch
you cant stop my ultraviolence
you wanna get me? you better bring a battle
cuz im not going back alive im staying in the saddle
ride hard, 2 pistols cocked to bring down hell
tear the heavens down from the clouds, tie em up and shake the rattle
you know im a mystic, im bored of modern blood
i wanna start the end, part the seas and cause a flood
forever loveless
heartless, hellbound modern witch
curse the angels, kill god, crack the earth and let it rot
Track Name: Dead Sea Rising
im waiting for the dead sea rising
youre sitting with your feet in the water
tell me about the last days of man
our days are getting hotter and hotter
im looking at the back of your head now
you can go blind staring at the sun
you said you wanna burn up with it
someone should save you but im not the one
the ocean spit up a golden haired boy
vomiting, he crawled up to your feet
your reflection in his black tar eyes
showed me a dog hot for a treat
all at once the black clouds roll in
and the seagulls fall dead from the sky
it only took one touch to disarm you
and your breasts fell flat with a sigh
im looking at the whites of your eyes now
my reflection staring back at me
you said you wanna burn up in a sunset
so i lit the oil spill and fed you to the sea
Track Name: Skinny as the Weeds
everybody on the streets getting skinny as the weeds
no one's eating anything or doing exercises
fall down to my ultraviolence
rain and rain for weeks and weeks the corpses float up to the streets
dont ask for bloody mary's in this city after dark
there used to be a lake and there used to be a park
what little charm this town has still
theres a rollerskating girl named jill and old man at the bar downtown
who thinks its 1951
Track Name: Snowman
it was december of i dont remember
i built a snowman i called him my friend
we would catch snowflakes and sing til our heads ached
we promised our good times would never end
soon it was springtime again
and my best friend became a skeleton
and i curse the sun every day i can
all alone in the summer without a friend
Track Name: Cheetah Sue
2 pistols and 10k thunders
wine coolers and menthol 100's
you can shoot me if you want to
im ready to die hurry up and send me to hell
im hungry for disaster burn down all the cities
pour my blood onto the ashes
let it die without a sigh
Track Name: You will see me one more time
first thing in the morning barrel house piano
in the movie guys most horrifying dream theres a man behind the diner
naomi watts' GI JOE parents cause a major freakout
and it blows her mind
diane gets the life she wanted