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you think im a criminal well youve got me nailed
im like a dead sea wave im like the basement stairs
make a promise to the shadows that the sun wont shine
draw the curtains, lock the doors and never go outside
you think im a wino well youve hit it true
i drink the blood of christ and put a spell on you
forever loveless
heartless, hellbound modern witch
strap me to the lightning and hit that switch
you cant stop my ultraviolence
you wanna get me? you better bring a battle
cuz im not going back alive im staying in the saddle
ride hard, 2 pistols cocked to bring down hell
tear the heavens down from the clouds, tie em up and shake the rattle
you know im a mystic, im bored of modern blood
i wanna start the end, part the seas and cause a flood
forever loveless
heartless, hellbound modern witch
curse the angels, kill god, crack the earth and let it rot


from Slow Club B​-​sides, released January 12, 2016




Cool Timmy Riggins, Idaho

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